So here comes Allerbi!
Though looks like just another stationary bike, it is NOT. Noticed the differences just from appearance? Well, we will address this later 🙂
Allerbi is an integrated solution, the hardware, software and content have to work together to make it is what it is.
Here are facts about Allerbi:
* Focuses on capability to motivate people exercise for long time
* Focuses on providing people pleasant and true outdoor experience
* Focuses on cost-effective and long-term value for people
Why these focuses? Because:
-- Fitness and being healthy is a long time thing, one-season-wonder is not good to our standard
-- Outdoor and nature is our vision, we love to encourage people engage outdoor and nature
-- Outside world provides endless diversified sources for content to motivate people
-- Instant interaction with outdoor and rich content are the keys to maintain people's interest
-- Product value exists only when you use them, we want you use Allerbi forever
-- We believe fitness and being healthy is for everyone, cost should not be a barrier
The result is that we have a bike that:
* Runs on worldwide road videos with integrated rich local content
* Be a fun, comfortable and a bike that enables learning while riding
* Be highly interactive with road and environment with true and real outdoor feeling
* Can handle serious bike training (Max.1200W) as well as regular exercise
* Be cost-effective as a dedicated training bike/bike trainer not necessary for a family
* Priced to most families in the country
How does Allerbi achieve all these?
You can find more information from our blogs. Below is a list of links you may find interesting, like the difference from appearance 🙂
We, sincerely want to help people stay healthy and be well!