So here comes Allerbi!

Looks like just another bike? Notice any difference? Well, appearance difference is only a small piece of big ones, it has been addressed at here.

What really make Allerbi different, is that it is not only a bike, it is an integrated solution, the content, hardware and software have to work together to make it what it is. 

So when purchase an Allerbi Bike, which integrates hardware and software, registration is needed to access the content. Please check the Aller Bike to know more. 

What features make Allerbi better than others:

* Strong capability to motivate consistent and long
* Provides true and interactive outdoor experience
* Price and long-term high value
Why are these features critical?
-- Fitness and being healthy is a long term thing, that's what Allerbi focuses
-- Outdoor and nature experience is always more fun and exciting to motivate
-- Outside world provides endless and diversified content to motivate
-- Instant interaction and excellent user experience are keys to keep motivated
-- Product value exists only when being used, we want you use Allerbi forever
-- Fitness and being healthy is for everyone, cost should not be a barrier
Then this is the Allerbi:

— Runs on worldwide videos with integrated rich local content
— Is highly interactive with road surroundings, true outdoor experience
— Handle serious cycling training (Max.1200W) as well as daily workout
— Is a fun and exciting bike that enables learning while riding
Priced to every family in the country

How does Allerbi achieve all these?
You can find more information from our blogs. Below is a list of links you may find interesting, like the difference from appearance 🙂
We, sincerely want to help people stay healthy and be well!