Who are we:
We at Wug Robot, are a group of people who love technology and love to use technology help people. Started in 2016 in Indiana, United States, Wug Robot is expert at developing and making electronic devices including hardware, electronic board and programming.
We are also a group of people who love outdoor and nature, and promote outdoor activities and nature protection. We also love to use technology protect nature.

Why do we do this:
At times when we have to stay at home, like in snowing and raining days, or in today's COVID-19 situation, we feel the pain of lack of motivation to workout at home. For us who love outdoors, the indoor exercise is totally different from outdoor activities, the enjoyment and excitement are at different level.
So we tried to find motivations, and it turns out that a lot of people share the same painful experience with us. Though there are many ways to motivate, none of them has the capability to motivate people exercise consistently for a long time. But fitness and health is a long time thing, right?
This triggered us, can we do something to help people on this? That was in early 2019.
Our CEO and Co-Founder Paul, a member of Central Indiana Bike Association, is a road bike rider and a hiker. So it was easy for us to think something about an indoor bike and a treadmill. That is the start of Allerbi, in the middle of 2019.
It is also the time we decided we as a company, to focus on Allerbi, we do see its big future!

Can we do this:
After two and half years of hard work, with numerous experiment, research, make and testing, not mention millions of code, we finally reach a stage that we are so confident of Allerbi that we decided to open Allerbi Pre-Order.
Below are just some pictures we want to share with you. Though hard, we have a lot of fun in doing what we love to do.