This is an Allerbi bike, can you see the difference?
allerbi bike
When you first look at Allerbi, you probably think it is just an exercise bike. But, wait, where is the big heavy shinning flywheel that features other exercise bikes?

Ah-ha, Allerbi does not have that big heavy flywheel ! Different, right? Yeah, it is one thing that makes Allerbi unique and better than other exercise bikes.

Why? Because, the Allerbi creates and controls resistance electronically based on inputs of riding speed, road grade, gear ratio, rider profile and surface profile. Allerbi brings you the most accurate feeling of riding on road.
But, that is still not what we want to emphasize about Allerbi. For us, Allerbi is not just a bike, it is an environment !

Any exercise equipment, without excellent content to go with it, is going to make people bored pretty quickly, it is just plain fact. We deeply understand this, so we create excellent contents that work around Allerbi so that people have continuous motivation to ride long, hard and often while having fun and excitement.

Allerbi actually is a nature bike, not a studio bike. Our contents around Allerbi are about nature and outdoor, and all over the world, they are not only about roads, they contain information around the area including history, people and travel. So you learn while you are riding, isn't that cool?

That is what we called environment, in which you ride, you learn, and you enjoy ! At the end of the day, you feel better, you learn more, and you are happier !
To make it happen, every Allerbi includes hardware, software, content and supporting community. Please see below picture to have a big picture.
So, Allerbi is more unique and complicated than its appearance. Is it for everyone? Is it affordable? The answer is, YES !
We are nature lovers, our mission is to get more people into nature, exercise in nature and be healthy. We believe the more people get into nature, the more people love nature, and the more people want to protect nature.

To align with our vision and mission, we determined from the very beginning to make Allerbi an affordable and family bike that everyone can enjoy. You can expect its price is way cheaper than other connected bikes nowadays.

We want everyone to love nature!