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We are very excited to tell that we are doing our final preparation, including an overhaul of this website, to open the pre-order for Allerbi after many years of hard work. Once the pre-order is open, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to gain early access to an exciting and unique indoor fitness solution, and we have packed a really good deal in this package. This will be a risk free package, you will have your deposit back even after we are able to deliver Allerbi to you.

Register at Allerbi, we will keep you updated on all the exciting news!


This is the package for Allerbi Pre-Order.

Please refer to the Allerbi diagram to help yourself understand the jigh level Allerbi structure, what included and what is not included in this Allerbi Pre-Order Package. You can always contact us through our Contact Form or email us at if you have questions or concerns.

What included:

* An Allerbi Bike, which has integrated a computer, a control monitor, a resistance device, sensors and all computer programs.

* Power supply to Allerbi, wires and cables, a set of assembling tools, user manual and warranty document.

* Six month of free of content purchase from the date you make the final Allerbi purchase.

* One year free of subscription fee from the date you make the final Allerbi purchase, we do charge a very low subscription after one year for user maintenance purpose.

* A big discount on the regular Allerbi price initially published at when we officially release the product.

What Not included:

* The big display in the high level Allerbi diagram is not included, you have freedom to choose your display size, any display with an HDMI input should work with Allerbi.

* The headphone for listening to optional audio content is not included, you have freedom to choose your favorite headphone, wired or Bluetooth capable.

* The saddle for road bike training is not included.

Just a quick reminder the Allerbi when we deliver may be different from what you have seen and know from today, probably from both appearance and function point of view. We will keep you updated on all the progress all the way to the official Allerbi release date.

You can cancel the pre-order if you are not happy with the changes, more information about cancellation and refund will be found at coming Allerbi Pre-Order Terms and Conditions. 


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