Seriously, what Difference?

So, what difference?
Well, we have to start with our vision on Allerbi.
Allerbi, from our vision, is not another ordinary exercise bike just for exercise or training, we also see it as a travel and learning solution. We believe that exercise, fun and learning can all be reached at the same time. This is the guiding principle for Allerbi design and development.
Although hardware (stationary bike and bike trainer), is critical and can be really fancy, the ability to get people to use the hardware and use it hard and often is more critical to reach the goal to help people stay well and healthy.
That is when the content and user experience kick in, we believe rich content and excellent user experience can bring people fun and make people want to stay on their bikes long and often.
We do believe content and user experience distinguish Allerbi from other products.
More details? Please read me next post.