Allerbi Inc. is a startup company based in Carmel, Indiana, a suburban city just north of Indianapolis, the capital and the biggest city in Indiana. 

Started by a couple of engineering and business students from Purdue University, Allerbi Inc. focuses on developing indoor fitness equipment that connect people with nature while exercising and training. 

Why do we focus on nature and outdoors? Not only because we love nature and outdoors, it is widely recognized that nature and outdoor activities benefit the wellness of human being, both physically and mentally.  

It is also true that riding outdoor is more fun than riding indoor because you have that interaction with nature, and the beauty of nature. Just imagine mountains, oceans, lakes and city streets! 

We do believe this fun factor has big impact on people’s motivation to exercise, we want our products can provide sustainable motivations to exercise and train. At the end of the day, being well and fit is a long term effort, three month wonder doesn’t work.

Paul, with a BSc. in Electrical Engineering, a MSc. in Civil Engineering and an MBA from Purdue, and once a senior software developer at BlackBerry (then Research In Motion), is an amateur cyclist and quickly decided the interactivity and content should be the features that distinguish Allerbi bikes.

With extensive working experience at a quick scaling-up company (Research In Motion in early 2000’s) as well as an established Fortune 200 company (Cummins Inc.), Paul has gained tons of knowledge and insights into different stages of a company, like the culture, the structure and the strategy. Those experience will definitely help the development of Allerbi Inc. into future.

In early 2020, Yixu, a brilliant maker and a top grad from Purdue Mechanical Engineering, joined the effort of developing Allerbi bikes. Yixu brings tons of experience in developing hardware, software, ECB and system integration, and quickly became the main source of all technical development.

A portable LiDAR, an UPS for Raspberry Pi and a smart PTZ security camera with face recognition are some examples of Yixu’s previous works.

Today, have one proof of concept and four working prototypes, we are making our first batch of Allerbi production bikes. We are very excited about what we have done and very confident of the future of Allerbi!