The content, hardware and software have made Allerbi such a unique indoor bike that provides many riding opportunities that other indoor bikes cannot provide.
Here are some major use cases for Allerbi:
1. Training at Pro or Similar Level
* Training requires the indoor bike has the closest bike geometry as the bike used for outdoor ride or race. Luckily, Allerbi provides fully adjustable bike geometry as well as drop bar and changeable road bike saddle to satisfy most riders.
* Training also needs accurate riding data to help riders analyze performance, the integrated torque sensor and electronic controlled resistance in Allerbi provides just that.
* Training also need powerful resistance as well as gear shifting capability to better simulating climbing training. With more than 1200W power and 21-speed virtual shift capability, Allerbi can pretty much simulate all road situations.
* If Allerbi content happen to have the route you plan to race, then you can use the video to acquaint the route, and plan your strategy , that would brings you big advantage!
2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
* HIIT is a very popular and excellent cardio workout for people who want to be fit or loss some weight. Its intensity level is high but usually doesn't last very long.
* Allerbi provides many contents with uphill, downhills and flat sections in between, they are perfect for HIIT.
3. Exercise for Middle Level Intensity
* Allerbi provides an exercise mode that makes you be able to ride the most challenging roads with less effort thanks to the integrated hardware and software.
* If you are not interested in HIIT, you can just use Allerbi for daily routine exercise. Allerbi provides contents from 10 minutes to 90 minutes, good for most riders.
* Allerbi also makes you be able to continue the route that you haven't finished before, so you don't need to start over, especially for long route.
4. Exercise for Leisure or Learning
* Have you ever thought about visiting cities like Rome, San Francisco or Tokyo on bike?
* For kids who plan to go to college and their parents, do you have the feeling that you are not able to visit the campus you want to visit?
* Do you want to know the local attractions, stories and history around the places while you are riding the place?
* Allerbi is the only indoor bike that can make all these happen with our integrated contents around the world.
That is all we want to say, Allerbi is for everyone in a family. It really makes one bike for whole family become possible.

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If you're not completely satisfied, return your Allerbi Bike for a replacement or refund within 30 days of purchase.


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