Allerbi is here!

I love to ride bicycles, I used to ride more than one hour to and back from my high school, regardless of the weather. Luckily, the winter in my hometown was not too rough, usually one or two snows during the winter break.

Several years after I graduated from college, I moved to Canada to pursue my Master degree. Manitoba and Ontario are two beautiful places I have stayed. As you can imagine, I was not able to ride a bike in winter any more.

Then again, several years after living in Canada, I moved to United States to pursue my another Master degree, this time I went to Indiana and stay there until today. Though not as cold and as many snow in Ontario, Indiana is still cold and has many snow.

Beyond weather, raising a family and working hard to support the family inevitably occupy a lot of time and energy. As much as I love to ride bicycle, I just found that in many cases I have to exercise at home.

Then comes the problem, exercise at home is just not as fun and exciting as exercise outdoors. Why? At least from my experience, when I exercise outdoors, I interact with nature, the speed, road slope and wind all affect my feeling when I exercise, that feeling is wonderful and it is fun! But once you get indoor, you lose the interaction with the nature, all those feelings and fun are gone! 

So motivation becomes an issue to exercise at home, I had experienced the issue and had tried many ways to solve it with no luck. Then the time came! On my way back from my hiking trip to Machu Picchu in Peru, knowing that I probably won’t be able to have that kind of outdoor trip in next several month, I started to think about a device that can bring the interaction with nature to indoor exercise. 

And, that is the beginning of Allerbi!