Our vision on Allerbi

Like I have mentioned in my previous blog, Allerbi’s difference starts at top, the vision. 

We vision Allerbi is about outdoor activities and nature

This vision has driven the fundamental approach to motivate people exercise long and often, it is the reason why all Allerbi content are outdoor and nature based. 

We are seeing Allerbi carries the duty to encourage people engage more outdoor and nature, and hope that broader and deeper engagement will eventually comes back protect outdoor and nature. 

We also vision Allerbi is for everyone.   

We believe being fit and healthy is for everyone, so the fitness equipment should be affordable and accessible to everyone. This vision has driven the architecture and technical  design of Allerbi to make it a cost-effective and affordable solution with long-last value to customers.

Everything around Allerbi are driven by these visions, from solution architecture to hardware and software design to content obtain and process, we are working hard to make Allerbi the best indoor bike for outdoor experience while still affordable.