We started to invite people to test ride Allerbi, including our neighbors, friends and some of my riding buddies from CIBA (Central Indiana Bicycling Association). We still used our Allerbi bike trainer version for testing, the main test area is the interaction between the rider and the road, including start, stop, accelerate, climb and downhills.
Man, guys rode really hard 🙂 But the feedback are really good, some comparisons with existing solutions were inevitable during the talks but we can clearly see people like Allerbi and the instant interaction. We have also received many constructive recommendations and suggestions, all good to us!
We also found some issues during testing, the most obvious one is the durability of hardware. For example, we had one gear broken for three times, each time we made a new one using different material, eventually we solve the issue. It is a process of learning and improving.
We will continue to invite more people to test Allerbi, and we plan to switch to Allerbi stationary bike version for testing once the user control interface is finished. While we still have a long way to go, our confidence in Allerbi is growing after these tests and feedback.
By the way, we have hired an intern from Purdue Computer Science to help developing the user control interface, he has done a very good job, though he is heading back to school very soon.

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