No screen in front of you?

From one of our early released Allerbi solution diagram, one of my friend found something interesting and asked me, you don't have a big monitor to display riding data?
What he referred as the 'big monitor' is the 20 inch-something screen sticking out in front of the rider for riding data and whatever content, they are universally popular among mid to high end connected exercise bikes. But, you don't find it on Allerbi! A surprise?
So how is that? Before we answer the question, let me ask a question, when you ride outdoor, do you have that kind of screen in front of you? No, right? If you don't have one outside, why do you need one inside to keep on reminding you that you are indoor?
See, Allerbi is all about outdoor and nature, it is designed to create an outdoor environment and everything is around that goal.
Allerbi has two monitors, one is a smaller monitor installed in a place around the handle bar like most riders put their phone or other monitoring devices; it then uses a dedicated big screen TV or projector to display road ahead. Isn't this setting more like you ride outdoor?
A dedicate screen for video provides the possibility to display the route video in a very big screen, which can provides much better user experience than smaller screens. Big screen, together with high quality video and instant interaction, can bring riders an excellent immersive experience.
A dedicate screen for video also provides riders a clean road ahead just like they ride on road, that is the experience we want to create for Allerbi customers. That real road riding experience cannot be achieved by small displays with riding data all occupied the screen.
Third, the dedicate screen for video, though not included in Allerbi package, provides customers an option to select the screen size they want. As the price of big screen displays going down rapidly, why should we limit customer choices by integrating the monitor to the exercise bike?
Allerbi doesn't has a screen in front of you, Allerbi has an outdoor in front of you!

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