Route videos

We have taken two video trips to test our equipment at different riding and driving environment, one was at Indianapolis Eagle Creek Park, another one is on the Monon Trail. It is probably still a little bit early to take route videos in Midwest as the trees haven't all turned to green yet. We have processed the videos using our video processing programs and the results are good from initial analysis, so we will use prototype to test them. That will be the fun part!
By the way, I hit a car on bike during the recording, so the accident was recorded The below picture was taken while the camera was lying on the ground 🙂 Actually you can watch short video here. I am fine, but I do want to let you know, we are taking what we are doing very seriously!
We also decided to take route videos in California during the last week of April. We have already selected routes to take videos, some mountains, some coasts, some cities, and if time allowed, some campus. Should be a very exciting trip, cannot wait!