This year is a really busy year for the Allerbi, there are so many things happening at the same time and not everything go smoothly as planed. If last year is the year we focused on component development after successful initial prototype, then this year is the year that everything are coming together.
Looking at all parts coming together is a really exciting, we have redesigned to get it ready for pre-order and order, we have made big changes to video processing software to improve final video quality and reliability, we have also modified core program in Allerbi and finished initial customer control interface that will also interfaces with the core program, and for sure, we have made and modified the bike and the hardware as well. Oh, by the way, we have already created some route videos, want to have a look? Check our Youtube Channel! Exciting, isn't it?
As parts are coming together, we are more and more confident that we will be able to deliver Allerbi early next year. Allerbi stationary bike is going to be the first Allerbi available to public and it is our focus right now. We have released its first picture and is going to open to pre-order very soon.
Excited about Allerbi? Register at Allerbi, we will keep you updated on its progress.

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