The beauty of instant interaction

When you exercise or play outside, you interact with your surroundings, the road, the trees, the people, the vehicles, etc, etc.. It is part of the life and most of us may not realize that there are so many interactions when you move around outside. But it is the true case, see, when you run faster, everything surround you move backward faster, wind gets bigger, and resistance gets bigger too. And all these interactions are instant, no delay, you see the change when you make change, immediately.
That is the fun part of exercise outside. But once you get indoor, no matter you run on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike, all these interactions are gone, all you can see are the walls, the windows, always at same place. Oh you do see something changes, they are numbers, the boring numbers. The fun part is gone, exercising becomes boring.
What Allerbi is chasing is to bring back those interactions, those instant interactions, the fun part. To achieve that is not easy, that is the reason Allerbi is designed to have content, software and hardware all work together to reach that goal.
Today, we are very proud and confident to say, Allerbi is very close to reach that goal, to bring back the instant interaction with surroundings and nature.
The below video shows some instant interactions between the rider and the road. You can clearly see the road instant reaction to the start, accelerating and the braking, no delay!