The value of fitness equipment

What is the value of a home fitness equipment? With many them priced as high as over US$ 5000, they are not cheap. But does high price represents the high value? No, definitely NOT!
We need to clarify the value we are talking about here is the value to customers but not to the manufacturer or anyone else. The price is a number and tangible, but the value sometimes cannot be evaluated by number, a good product is that its value can stay for long.
So what’s the point? The point is, for a product, regardless of its price, if it is continuously being used, its value stays; if it is left there for spider web, its value goes away.
This can exactly be applied to fitness equipment, it has to be used continuously to keep its value. I mean, what is the value of a several thousand dollar exercise bike sitting in basement without anyone riding it? Borrow a joke from my friend, you will know it at garage sale 🙂
While it is true that it is human use the equipment, but human is human, they need various motivations to keep on exercising, and it is always a challenge. So, if a product itself has the capability to motivate, isn’t that wonderful and better?
So as a customer, before you buy a fitness equipment, you have to ask, can this product help me to use it continuously for a long term? How does it do it?
Hardware can be made really fancy, but the way the product is designed to keep its value is more critical to make purchasing decision. At the end of the day, the health and fitness is a long term thing, right?
That is how we view the value of a fitness equipment, and we use this vision to design and develop Allerbi.

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