One difference you will find Allerbi from other exercise bikes on the current market is that it has a dedicated user control monitor, this monitor will provide a customer interface to setup and control the bike as well as displaying route data and all the riding data. The route video will be displayed at a separate big screen in front of the rider.
Why do we design Allerbi like this? Why don't we integrated the monitor with the exercise bike like other companies do? Well, everything has a reason behind it.
First, a dedicated user control monitor avoids the possibility the interference between data, controls and content, it makes data easier to find and read. In one word, it just provides a more user friendly experience than mixing data, control and content screens.
Second, a dedicated user control monitor can also display more data and has a better screen layout. Again, better user experience.
Also, a dedicated user control monitor makes a dedicated content/video display possible, which makes Allerbi in a better position to create an outdoor and nature environment. remember, that is a goal of Allerbi
In one word, focus on riding, enjoy the road!

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