Video trip to California

We spent one week in San Francisco bay area taking route videos. To continue test our video equipment in different route environment, we selected some routes in San Francisco, some routes in mountains north and south of Golden Gate Bridge, and some routes along the famous California State Route 1 (California 1). It was a wonder trip, the routes are absolutely beautiful, we have gained a lot of experience
We rent an ebike for the city routes and Golden Gate Bridge and a Smart car for the mountain and coast routes. You can see the pictures below to see how we took the videos. This is my first time to ride an ebike and drive a Smart, the smallest car I have ever driven, a lot of fun though!
But the most important thing is this is also the first time we took route videos far from the company base, the trip has test many things from route selection, equipment setup, to logistic arrangement and unexpected incidents (e.g. road construction), we have learned a lot.
The good things is, the route videos are excellent! We have recorded several hundred miles of videos and will be very busy processing them in next several weeks. We plan to create some demo videos and put them on our Youtube Channel so everyone can have a look how wonderful the content Allerbi is going to run!