Virtual Reality (VR) for Allerbi

Many people ask us, do you plan to implement virtual reality (VR) in future?

The answer is Yes, we will.

If you look at below picture carefully, you will see at the top of the car there are two cameras, on top is a 360 degree camera with two lens, below it is a regular wide angle camera.

The 360 degree camera is for virtual reality videos, we have been testing it for some time.

But several things we have to consider before we implement VR on Allerbi.

First is safety, this is one of our biggest concerns, we have no data on human body’s responsiveness after hard exercie with VR headset for more the 20 minutes or longer.

Second is the cost. Allerbi doesn’t simply play route video, it controls video speed based on riding speed that cause it reach 300 fps.
If you play video game, any hardware supporting 300 fps of 2D vitual will cost you quite a fortune, for 360 real world? Just imagine.

Third, a reliable and good 360 video editing and data extracting software is needed, we are not able to find a good one so far.
Our engineers write and optimize our own video player for 2D video, that is the reason it can support 300 fps on a mini computer. 360 video is a different animal.

Also, a very practical issue, how to deal with sweat when you have a VR headset on? We are expecting a lot of sweat from every rider of Allerbi.

So yes, we will implement VR, more specific, we will start with leisure riding mode.

360 video vehicle

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