What is Allerbi?

Simply put, Allerbi is an indoor exercise bike solution that brings you outdoor riding experience. 

Some may say, oh, that is cool, but is there something already there?

Yeah, there are some similar things here and there, but none of them can do a better job than what Allerbi can do 🙂

So, what difference?

At high level, Allerbi is an integrated solution running on integrated content!

The vision it carries, the concept and design during its research and development are all different from other indoor exercise bikes.

It was originated from a cyclist who dreams of traveling the world on bike, that dream has driven the vision of Allerbi. 

Allerbi’s difference comes from very top, the vision.

That is why at this blog I am not going to compare Allerbi spec by spec, but I do plan to talk about why Allerbi is unique and we are so confident on it in later blogs 🙂