I have used the Allerbi bike several times now and I love it. I ride outdoors a lot but cannot always be outside due to weather or daylight issues. This is where Allerbi comes in – it is very easy to use, and when I am riding it feels just like being on my real bike. 

I love the way you can change gear easily and the machine responds like a true bike, and I like that the scenery passes at the correct speed for how fast you are riding. I really enjoy being able to choose different real-life routes.
The Heads-up display that comes with the bike is excellent. I have seen other products that have information all over the main display, but with Allerbu all your data is on one screen on the bike, and you can see the route on the TV totally un-cluttered, yet still have the data you want to see available.
I am 6′ tall and close to 200lbs, but I didn’t have any trouble adjusting the bike to fit me. All the interactions I have had with the Allerbi staff have been positive, and so far I am delighted with the product. 5 Stars from me!

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