Where is the resistance adjustment?

In my blog ‘No Flywheel?’ we have talked about the fact that Allerbi does not has a flywheel. So how does Allerbi adjust the resistance? As you can see in the below picture, every exercise bike except Allerbi has a resistance adjustment knob (in red circle), so if Allerbi bike doesn’t have one then how does it adjust the resistance?
It is another unique feature that makes Allerbi bike different and better than other exercise bikes. Its resistance is adjusted automatically based on road and outdoor condition like the grade/slope, the surface, riding speed and rider's body profile, etc., so riders can focus on riding and enjoy the route without worrying about any manual adjustment.
Even better, Allerbi bike has a virtual shift function that allow riders to adjust gears ratios just like a regular multi-speed bike. So you can shift to low gear to climb and shift to high gear on flat road, isn't that cool?
In summary, all designs of Allerbi are around the goal to provide customers an excellent real road riding experience. We are very confident to say that all designs are working!