No Flywheel?

Looking at the Allerbi stationary bike, one can quickly find that Allerbi Bike does not have the big heavy shining flywheel that features every other exercise bike on market! Different? You bet!
For exercise bikes, flywheel is the key component to generate resistance and simulate the riding feeling on road, no matter it is at front or at back. A lot of exercise bike companies pride their products of having heavier and larger flywheels, it is indeed a key component for most indoor bikes. So Allerbi does not have it?
Yes, Allerbi does not has a flywheel! It is one unique feature that makes Allerbi Bike different and also better than other indoor exercise bikes. Why it is better and how do we do it, for now, is a secret that we still want to keep. All we can tell is that the way that Allerbi generates and controls its resistance provides riders a much richer and way better road riding experience than other exercise bikes.

But we do have a blog right now on how an Allerbi Bike adjusts the resistance, you can read it at here.

Without the big flywheel also gives Allerbi flexibility to arrange its component and future overall bike design. And isn't it safer without a big rotating flywheel, especially if there are kids around in a house?
Yes, Allerbi does not has a flywheel, but it is for good reason!