Difference on Content and Interaction

In my previous blog we have talked about our visions on Allerbi and their impact on everything around Allerbi, so here are some more details on difference between Allerbi and other bikes.

First, obviously, all Allerbi basic content, which are road videos, are taken outdoor and in nature. The places can be anywhere, from mountain to coast to city to campus, but one thing is the same, they are all outdoor. 

Beyond basic content, there are rich and valuable local information around the places we think it is shame to ignore, so we integrate them into the content and call it integrated content. So Allerbi has the content to help you learn more about the places you are riding and probably can even help you get there. No one else is doing that. 

Third, as a bike solution for outdoor experience, Allerbi is the best at providing instant interaction with the road and its surroundings. Really, who doesn’t like instant response and feedback? It is part of the outdoor fun because you interact with nature lively. 

So, the integrated content and the instant interaction that directly leads to user experience, are something that really distinguish Allerbi from user experience point of view.

Want to experience the content and instant interaction? Register at Allerbi, we will update you when Allerbi is available for trial nationwide.

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