Monumental Health and Fitness Expo – Update

November 7, 2022, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

“I don’t have a bike, but if I buy one, I will buy this one”, that was the music we have heard at 2022 Monumental Health and Fitness Expo. Though most Expo visitors are runners because the day after the Expo was the Indy Monumental Marathon, everyone who have tried Allerbi or watched a demo, love it.

Allerbi is indeed that good! Think about it, an exercise bike with shiftable 22 speed gears on top of automatic resistance based on road slope, riding speed, user profile and road surface, who else is doing that? Moreover, you just need to pedal 1/8 of a circle, you can see the road respond to your pedaling, who else can reach that level of interactivity?

So sign up for the latest update of Allerbi, we are going to take some big actions by the end of the year and beginning of next year!

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