Training and exercise on the same machine?

One feature that really distinguishes Allerbi is its capability for both training and exercising. That sounds easy but is never easy. Why?
First we have to clarify the training here refers to serious bike training targeting speed improvement, distance endurance and preparing for competition, etc..
As the purposes are different, training and exercising have different requirement on a bike.
* Training is around power if not all, it needs much more accurate riding data and better simulating the road situation for analysis and improvement, especially for competition preparation.
* Excising, for most people, is about calories and the motivation to ride long that eventually leads to more calorie consumption, the accuracy and amount of riding data is not as important.
The different requirements leads to challenges on resistance generation and control, data collection and information display among many other things.
Relying on hardware and software, Allerbi has met the challenge!
From hardware point of view, here are some key points:
* Removal of the heavy flywheel
* Installation of patent-pending computer controlled resistance device
* Addition of virtual shift, brake and sensors
* Implementation of freewheel
* Separation of control monitor and display screen
* Creation of highly adjustable bike geometry
We have a blog specifically on hardware, you can have a look at here.
As for software, it is the core program in main computer, the control program in control board that is part of the resistance device, and the interface in control monitor.
Though we cannot describe too much on software, all we can tell is that Allerbi has several million lines of computer code running at back end.
We also have blog on core program and user interface, you can have a look at here and here.
So the capability to handle both training and exercising is something that really differentiate Allerbi from all other indoor bikes, it really makes one bike for whole family become possible.