Early this year, we have talked about what distinguish Allerbi from other exercise bikes on current market. Yes it is the content and user experience. More than six month later, as we keep on improving Allerbi, we also become more and more confident that Allerbi can provide way better riding experience than other exercise bikes.
But beyond those, what is the difference? Especially, visual difference?
Well, because we have already released the picture of Allerbi stationary bike trial version, I believe some people may have already noticed some difference.
A very obvious difference, the Allerbi bike doesn’t have the big heavy shining flywheel that features every other exercise bike! I have a blog just for this, click here.
Also, the Allerbi bike doesn’t have the 20 inch-something screen sticking out in front of the rider, instead it has a small monitor at the handle bar location. Why? I also have a blog on details about it, click here.
What else? Ah-ha, the Allerbi bike doesn’t have the resistance knob that is used by most exercise bikes to adjust resistance. Then how does Allerbi adjust it resistance? Read my blog here.
The handle bar for Allerbi bike is different as well, it is adjustable between a regular exercise bike handle bar and and a road bike drop bar.
By now, you may have an impression that Allerbi bike doesn't have this, Allerbi bike doesn't have that, looks like it has nothing!
Well, the beauty of innovation is the beauty of unknown!
When you have a chance, experience Allerbi, you will find the answer and you will love it!

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If you're not completely satisfied, return your Allerbi Bike for a replacement or refund within 30 days of purchase.


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