If you are currently looking for a good quality indoor exercise bike for home workout, you will definitely realize one cold truth, they are expensive. They really are!

For most connect bikes, which means they are connected to internet for content, the price is between $1500 and $5000, with some even higher.

Beyond this purchase price, you are required to subscribe to their service to use the content, which is normally around $40 per month, so that is another $450 per year at least.

So, even if you choose the most basic bike model and the most basic subscription plan, the first year total cost will be at least $2000 (excluding setup fee) and $450 per year thereafter. That is quite an investment!

But the most important question you may have is, how long are you going to use it? How long can their content continue to motivate you?

That is an excellent question! That is a question everyone should ask themselves before buy a home fitness equipment. See, if you don’t use your bike, it has no value to you, no matter how expensive it is.

The answer is, no one knows, but if search the web, you probably can have some clues.

Allerbi is taking a different approach to motivate, and we are confident that approach can last long and can motivate consistently. Why?

First, content difference. Allerbi is not an instructor-lead studio bike like most current connect bikes, it is 100% based on outdoor road videos. Do you like travel? Do you like to tour the world? Then you will love the videos that Allerbi offers.

Then think again, how many roads and attractions like cities and college campus in the world? Yes, it is almost endless. And that is the source of content for Allerbi, beautiful, diversified, fun, and endless, it can motivate you for years!

Second, highly interactivity. Allerbi aims to provide you the most true outdoor riding experience through instant interaction with the road and surroundings. Any delayed response is going to ruin the true outdoor riding experience and make it less exciting. Allerbi is proud to say, it has no interaction delay.

Now let’s go back to price. The purchase price for Allerbi is not finalized, but we are targeting about half or two-third of average price of a connect bike on current market.

Subscription fee? Yes but minimum, probably one-tenth or even lower than current most connect bike basic subscription plan. It is only used for user maintenance.

Allerbi is going to adopt pay for what you use model, you do need purchase a route to experience Allerbi but at extreme low price. How low? Use an extreme case, even if you ride a new route (usually 5 miles to 50 miles) everyday for a whole year, the content cost is expected to be less than $365. Still way lower than most connect bike basic subscription plan.

So basically you control the cost you spend on Allerbi, you won’t be charged for something you are not using. Doesn’t that make more sense?

Yes we know, people are different, some people may prefer instructor-lead studio style bikes, but if you are looking for an alternative to other connect bikes on market, Allerbi is the best option. Trust me!

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